My Paparazzi Career

Hi my name is Michelle McLeod and I am currently an "Elite" EXECUTIVE PRODUCER with Paparazzi Accessories.  I'm in the top 1%!

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After having a corporate job for 21 years, I am now working my home-based Paparazzi business full-time! We make instant cash! No catalogs, no order taking and you get a FREE company website! Just like this one > My Papa site

All jewelry is LEAD & NICKEL-FREE.

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The necklace I'm wearing was named THE MICHELLE after myself when I earned the ROCK THE RUNWAY 2017 Signature Model Contest in March 2017. Check me out modeling THE MICHELLE>>>>


I was a DOUBLE CONTEST winner the same month I earned Rock the Runway, I also was the top recruiter in the company and earned Dining with the Elite!  


I earned Crown Club 5, 10 and 25!

Recruiting Award

The Crown Club recognizes and rewards those consultants that prove they are dedicated and determined to build a thriving Paparazzi business. For a consultant to recruit and have people join is a great attribute. But to have those team members continue to stay active for 3 consecutive months is a remarkable feat. I earned Crown Club 25, that means for 3 consecutive months I had 25+ personally sponsored consultants sell 25 pieces or more.  



Sales Award